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Writing Center Front Desk

Mission Statement

We invite all writers across the Boise State campus to join our Writing Center community.  We consult with writers in supportive and nonjudgmental ways to facilitate self-discovery and inspire confidence in writers as they learn, grow, and take ownership of their words and ideas.  Because we appreciate the courage it takes to share writing, we respect all the identities, cultures, and points of view writers bring to the Center.


The Boise State University Writing Center is a free service open to all members of the campus community—students, faculty, and staff. We offer support and encouragement to all writers, primarily through one-to-one and email consultations. Each consultation is geared toward the individual needs of the writer and is a collaborative effort between writer and consultant. Together the writer and consultant may do the following:

  • Discuss and brainstorm topics
  • Review drafts and talk about revision
  • Develop writing strategies
  • Identify and discuss writing difficulties
  • Build perspective on the writing process
  • Learn proofreading techniques

Ultimately, the focus of any session is more on the writer than the text.

At the Writing Center, we adhere to the Boise State University Student Code of Conduct, as well as the National Tutoring Association Code of Ethics. Our consultations are kept confidential, and we strive to provide a professional, positive experience for every writer.


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