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How Sessions Work

We love talking with writers about writing, and we’re glad you decided to stop in. To best meet the needs of a diverse student body, we have established some guidelines for using the Writing Center. By following these guidelines you can help us productively manage our time and yours.

student sitting in writing center

What we do

  • The Writing Center is open to any member of the BSU community, from students to faculty.
  • We will work with you at any stage of the writing process—planning, revising, editing. We are an active, collaborative learning center. We work with you, looking for ways to help you become the best writer possible. Our goal is to engage in conversations about your writing—asking questions we have as readers.
  • All consultation information is kept confidential, but you can certainly request a record of any of your consultations.

Scheduling an appointment

  • Consulting sessions can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes (and we follow our time closely when other writers are waiting), with a maximum of 2 hours per week. We structure our conversations with you so that you can continue working on the piece of writing after the consultation. We might not talk about every sentence together, but we will help you find ways to examine every sentence on your own.
  • Those who miss an appointment will be marked as a “no-show.” If you accidentally miss one appointment, we’ll send you a reminder of our policies. Students with two no-shows in one semester will forfeit appointment scheduling privileges during that semester.  However, you can still use the Writing Center on a walk-in basis if the re is an available consultant to work with you.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, you can do so by logging in to our online scheduler or by calling us at 208-426-1298.  You need to cancel your appointment at least one hour before your appointment. If you cancel your appointment less than one hour ahead of time, this will qualify as a no-show (please see our policy above regarding no-shows).

Inside the session

  • If the piece of writing you are working on is for a class, bring a copy of the assignment or syllabus with you. It is also helpful for consultants to know of any previous comments given by the teacher for whom you are writing. We know that all writing is produced within a certain context, and the more we know about the context, the better we can work with you.
  • We are happy to fill out forms you might have from a teacher that ask for specifics about the consultation session—we can describe what we talked about and detail what changes you decided you might make to the paper. Please understand that we cannot fill out any forms that ask for some type of grade or evaluation—we cannot evaluate papers or offer any suggestions as to marks.
  • We give and expect respect. The Boise State Writing Center expects that those writers who visit us will respect our guidelines and Boise State’s Student Code of Conduct. Any incidents of unacceptable behavior will be reported to the Conduct Office.

Drop in policy

You can use the Writing Center on a walk-in basis, when there are consultants available to work with you. If we have an opening in the schedule it is possible that a consultant could work with you right away. For style and formatting questions, we have handouts that you can take. Please keep in mind that during midterms and finals the Writing Center is very busy, and we suggest setting up an appointment instead of walking in.

If you have other questions, please email us: We look forward to working with you!

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