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For Faculty

What We Do

Our main goal is to engage students in a conversation about their papers. We are an active learning center, and our consultants are experienced in asking questions that can prompt more thinking about a paper. In short:

  • Instead of editing papers, we talk with writers about correctness and help them to discover ways to proofread their own work. This helps students to understand the mechanics behind their errors and apply the corrections to future writing assignments on their own.
  • We engage in conversations that lead a writer to discovering what else can be said and other ways to say it. Our conversations help to prompt thinking without co-writing papers.
  • Our consultants can help students determine how to address the criteria of an assignment. Since our consultants take English 303: Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing, they can help students understand assignment requirements, but they do not evaluate the correctness of claims made in another discipline.
  • The Writing Center supports a productive writing process but cannot ensure students produce grammatically-perfect or completely error-free writing.

Encouraging Students To Use The Writing Center

Many students would probably never hear of the Writing Center if it weren’t for their instructors. By informing students about the resources and support available to them, faculty can give students new tools for succeeding in a course. Please consider providing students with information about the Writing Center in your syllabus and/or your assignment sheet. Here is a sample syllabus statement that may be included in a syllabus:

“For support and feedback at any point in the writing process, you can meet with a writing consultant at the Writing Center. When you visit the Writing Center, a consultant will work with you at any stage: generating ideas, developing your ideas, integrating your research, and so on. When you go, please be sure to bring a copy of the assignment’s requirements. To make an appointment, go to or visit them at the Liberal Arts Building, room 200. On their website you can find more information about the Writing Center, including a list of consultants and their areas of expertise.”

Records of Consultation

Each consultation is recorded digitally and a copy of the Record of Consultation form is emailed directly to the student. Students may forward or print the record of consultation at your request.

Request Our Services

The Boise State Writing Center can provides a range of services to students and faculty:

  • Faculty Consultation: The Writing Center Director can provide assistance with writing-related concerns such as designing clear and effective writing assignments, responding to student writing, or conducting peer review workshops.
  • Classroom Visit: We can visit your class to provide an overview of the services we provide and how students can prepare for a session. These visits last from between 10-15 minutes, depending upon your preference. 
  • Tour: Bring your class to see our space! We can arrange a time for your class visit the Writing Center for a short tour. A Writing Center consultant will be present to greet students, describe our services, and answer questions. This helps to get students familiar with where we are and what to expect when they come in for a consultation.
  • Workshop: A Writing Center representative can visit your class with a detailed presentation/activity specific to the needs of your course.

Recommend a Student to Work in The Writing Center

If you are a faculty member and would like to recommend a student for a position in the Writing Center, please contact us. We value faculty suggestions and use this information in making our decision about hiring future consultants. If you have someone in mind that you think would be a good fit at the Writing Center, please email their name and qualifications to Melissa Keith ( by mid-March. Potential candidates will be contacted and invited to apply if they are interested.


If you have any questions about the Writing Center’s services please contact the Writing Center’s Director, Melissa Keith (

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