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Email Consultations

Welcome to the Boise State Writing Center’s email consultation service! We understand that writing exists in multiple spaces and formats and are happy to offer online consultations in addition to our face-to-face meetings. The email service allows writers the option of receiving detailed feedback without the necessity of physically coming to campus.

All you have to do is attach a draft of your writing to our secure form, and, within 72 hours on business days, we will send back comments to help you revise your writing. When providing information on the form, please be as specific as possible. That way, our consultants can provide the kind of feedback that will be most effective in your revision process.

If you have questions or concerns, email us at

E-Mail Consultation Policies

  1. This service is for members of the Boise State community (students, faculty, staff).
  2. Writers may submit two pieces of writing per week, but only one piece of writing per day.
  3. To ensure quality feedback, we will accept up to 7 double-spaced pages of writing per session. If you would like to submit a longer paper, you may submit portions of it according to the above submission policy. However, you may not receive feedback from the same consultant for all submissions. Another option is to submit only the portion that you are most concerned about.
  4. Rather than edit papers, we pinpoint patterns of errors and show you how to fix them. If your main concern is with grammar, we ask that you only submit 3 double-spaced pages per session.

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