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Undergraduate Consultants

ConsultantMajorOther Familiar TopicsConsultation Specialties
AdamEnglish, LiteratureHistory; Philosophy; Psychology; Literacy, Language, & CultureAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Developing Supporting Ideas; Focus & Cohesion; Sentence Structure; MLA
AishaCivil EngineeringMathematics; Literacy, Language, & Culture; Construction ManagementBrainstorming; Developing Supporting Ideas; Quotation Integration; APA; MLA
AmberBiologyChemistry; Mathematics; World Languages; Community & Environmental HealthAudience Awareness; Quotation Integration; Focus & Cohesion; Transitions; APA
BenEnglish, Rhet/CompEnvironmental Studies; History; MusicAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Focus & Cohesion; Clarity; Redundancy; MLA
BriEnglish, Creative WritingAnthropology; Gender Studies; Music; SociologyAudience Awareness; Brainstorming; Developing Supporting Ideas; Transitions; Clarity
CaitlynLinguisticsEnglish; History; World Languages; Literacy, Language, & Culture Audience Awareness; Finding Sources; Introductions; Transitions; Sentence Structure
CelineEnglish, Creative WritingMusic; Theatre Arts; Honors CollegeBrainstorming; Thesis Development; Introductions; Grammar & Punctuation; Multilingual Writing
ChrisEnglish, Rhet/CompMusic; Philosophy; Honors CollegeAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Developing Supporting Ideas; Transitions; Redundancy; Word Choice; MLA
EdgarVisual ArtsArt; Finance; Philosophy; Management; MarketingAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Focus & Cohesion; Introductions; Transitions; Clarity
EliseEnglish, Rhet/CompGender Studies, SociologyAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Focus & Cohesion; Clarity; Sentence Structure; Word Choice
Emily AEnglish, LiteratureBiological Sciences; Civil Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; NursingAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Brainstorming; Finding Sources; Grammar & Punctuation; MLA
Emily TEnglish, LiteratureGender Studies; Political ScienceAudience Awareness; Detail & Examples; Quotation Integration; Transitions; Grammar & Punctuation
GretchenEnglish, LiteratureCommunication; Management; Analysis & Critical Thinking; Audience Awareness; Thesis Development; Focus & Cohesion; Word Choice
KaileeMaterial Science and EngineeringChemistry; English; Psychology; Economics Quotation Integration; Conclusions; Transitions; Word Choice; MLA
KaylaEnglish, Creative WritingAnthropology, Psychology, Theatre Arts, Community & Environmental Health; Nursing; Criminal JusticeBrainstorming; Developing Supporting Ideas; Focus & Cohesion; Clarity; MLA
MadisonEnglish EducationEnglish; Psychology; World Languages; Literacy, Language, and Culture; Teacher EducationAudience Awareness; Thesis Development; Focus and Cohesion; Clarity; MLA; Multilingual Writing
MaxSpanish/Theatre/PoetryArt; English; World Languages; Honors CollegeAudience Awareness; Quotation Integration; Grammar & Punctuation; MLA; Multlingual Writing
MitziEnglish, Rhet/CompCommunication; Gender StudiesAudience Awareness; Quotation Integration; MLA; Reading Strategies
RachelEnglish EducationPsychology; Sociology; Teacher EducationQuotation Integration; Conclusions; Clarity; Grammar & Punctuation; MLA
RebekahEnglish, Rhet/CompCommunication; Gender Studies; Psychology; Information Technology; Literacy, Language, & CultureAudience Awareness; Brainstorming; Developing Ideas; Word Choice; APA
SheaPhilosophy/ChineseEnvironmental Studies; History; Political Science; AgricultureAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Brainstorming; Developing Supporting Ideas; Clarity; Multilingual Writing
TravisGeoscienceChemistry; Environmental Studies; Mathematics; PhysicsAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Brainstorming; Thesis Development; Developing Supporting Ideas; Finding Sources
WyattEnglish, Creative WritingPhilosophyAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Audience Awareness; Developing Supporting Ideas; Clarity; MLA

Graduate Consultants

ConsultantMajorOther Familiar TopicsConsultation Specialties
AllieEnglish, Rhet/CompWorld Languages; Literacy, Language, & Culture; Theses & DissertationsAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Thesis Development; Conclusions; Introductions; Multilingual Writing
AndreaEnglish, Tech CommCommunication, Political Science, Resumes & Cover LettersAudience Awareness; Introductions; Transitions; Clarity; Multilingual Writing
ArielComputer ScienceEnglish; Gender Studies; Philosophy; Literacy, Language, & Culture;Analysis & Critical Thinking; Brainstorming; Finding Sources; Focus & Cohesion; MLA
KateEnglish, Tech CommArt; English; Honors College; Personal Statements; Application EssaysAudience Awareness; Transitions; Grammar & Punctuation; Redundancy; Multilingual Writing
MarkEnglish, LiteratureAnthropology; History; Political Science; Sports & Weight TrainingAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Thesis Development; Developing Supporting Ideas; Word Choice; MLA
SarahEnglish, Rhet/Comp History; Literacy, Language, & Culture; Teacher Education; Theses & DissertationsAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Brainstorming; Finding Sources; Grammar & Punctuation; Reading Strategies
TuckerEnglish, LiteratureArt; Literacy, Language, & Culture; Early & Special Education; Thesis & Dissertations; Disability StudiesAnalysis & Critical Thinking; Finding Sources; Transitions; Clarity; MLA; Multilingual Writing

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