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Citing Sources

Research and Documentation Online A resource from Diana Hacker and Bedford St. Martin’s. Includes information and examples of APA, MLA, CBE, and Chicago styles. An
excellent  site.
APA style Answers to questions about APA citations.
Chicago/Turabian style Examples of footnotes and endnotes.
Turabian Another good site for citing.
MLA style Answers to questions about MLA citations.
Citation Machine An online tool designed to help with MLA/APA styles.
Rapid Cite An online tool designed to help with MLA/APA/CHICAGO styles.
Knight Cite Another online tool designed to help with MLA/APA/CHICAGO styles.
Dartmouth’s “Sources” Page Lots of helpful information about citations.


Purdue University OWL A trusted authority with a variety of information.
Guide to Grammar and Writing
An excellent site with descriptions, examples, quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations.
The Elements of Style The classic text online.
Grammar Bytes
A super-neat site with exercises, explanations, and cool (virtual) prizes.
Common Errors in English From Paul Brians, Professor of English at Washington State University.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill More handouts on grammar, citation, various writing assignments, and writing for different disciplines.
Guide to Grammar and Style A list of grammatical and stylistic terms.
LEO Editing & Proofreading Strategies A handout that focuses on ways to self-edit.

Tutorials, Terms, and The Writing Process

Tutor Tips Major-specific writing tips from the tutors at the UVM Writing Center.
Re:Writing: A collection of free Web resources from Bedford St. Martin’s. Included are tutorials on avoiding plagiarism, model documents, and style/grammar exercises.
Writer’s Guide from Jack Lynch, Rutgers University A comprehensive view of the writing process geared towards undergraduate writers.
Writer’s Web Topic Index from the University of Richmond Examines the different stages of the Writing Process, as well as terms that are often misunderstood.
ELL Writing Tutorials from MONASH University Comprehensive tutorials on writing in English in the different disciplines. An online dictionary and thesaurus.


Why plagiarism happens A look into the challenges of writing in the American school system.
Avoiding plagiarism Tips and safe practices.

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